What I offer

The knowledge and experience I have gained from being a dance teacher, where we analyse the smallest of movements to perfect the dancer, is what gives me my strength and uniqueness as a Pilates instructor and Rossiter Stretching Coach and Instructor.

I always take a person on a case by case basis and analyse their body and movement to detect where the imbalances are occurring and work with the student to correct these.

It's personal

In Pilates, I don't follow a set programme because we are all unique as human beings and I can't pre-determine what you need. Instead, I take the knowledge I have from all my years of training and my natural ability to see the tiniest of movements in a person's body, and combined with discussions about each person's health, go on a journey with them to discover their Real Body.

I love to dance. I love the joy that movement brings me. But being in pain is far from joyful. When I encounter people who struggle to move pain-free during even the simplest, everyday tasks, I want to help and with Rossiter Stretching I can.

More than just your core

"It's all about strengthening your core!" "It's just like yoga!" These are the two most common statements Pilates instructors hear all the time. Yes, Pilates does strengthen your core but it does a lot more than that too. A lot of people come to Pilates because they are suffering from lower back pain and think that by strengthening their core the back pain will go away.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as that. A weak core may be contributing to their problem but there are usually other things going on in their body that is affecting their pain, most commonly, away from the site of where the pain is being felt. Pilates instructors facilitate students to get to know their bodies, understand their strengths and weaknesses, imbalances, tightness and show them how to find better balance, symmetry and control within their bodies.