General Wellbeing

You don't have to be a sports person or fitness freak to enjoy the benefits of Pilates, it offers just as many gains to your general wellbeing. There is no such thing as a 'typical client' - mine come from all walks of life, age groups and abilities and all have different goals and reasons for participating.

Sedentary lifestyle

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, perhaps with work, driving or generally not moving about for long periods, your body may start to show the effects if it hasn't already. These could be stiffness in your back or joints, lack of flexibility, weakness or even a feeling of lethargy. Pilates can help you with all of these.

Your 'Golden' Years

Staying active and mobile into our senior years is important to maintain a healthy outlook. Pilates is a gentle way to keep your bones strong, your muscles toned but flexible, your spine mobile, along with improving your balance, making you less susceptible to trips and falls.