Specialist studio

I have bespoke studio at my home in Coxheath, near Maidstone, with specialist equipment and apparatus. This allows me to offer tailor-made Pilates sessions on a one-to-one basis, covering a whole range of physical conditions, illnesses and sporting goals.

The specialist equipment in Your Real Body studio enables not only the instructor to assess individual muscles and movement patterns, but allows the students to really feel these muscles.

All too often students in a class environment complain that they don't get what they are trying to achieve or that they can't sense an individual muscle working or are just not sure that what they are feeling is right. Putting them onto the specialist equipment which uses springs to create resistance, allows the student to feel those individual muscles working, enabling them to produce movement strategies that work much better for them in the long run.

To manage your specific Pilates needs, the studio and the one on one sessions are the best way to help you reach your goals and understand what your body can do.

Although Pilates is never considered a 'quick fix' as movements need to learned, repeated and developed, the specialist equipment allows the student to find these isolated, refined movements much more quickly meaning the individual's goals can be achieved sooner than with conventional methods of Pilates. Learning to work from the inside out, it is invaluable when rehabilitating people after injury/surgery or illness, targeting the weakened areas, but also proves to be an excellent performance enhancer for sports people trying to find the refined movement strategies that will help them up their game. Part of the result will be increased core strength, better posture, pain reduction but also a generally healthier body that is more ready for everything life throws at us.

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