APPI Performance Pilates for Runners Nov 2013

APPI Pilates for Horse Riders Mar 2014

Polestar Pilates - Pilates Fitness Principles & Mat Levels I, II & III 2007

UK Pilates Conference 2013 - Alastair Greetham: Gait and other functional patterns - Lee Morgan: Equilibrium - Ismini Phillips: Recovery and Rehabilitation Post Breast Cancer Surgery - Leslie Abrahams: Simply Stretching - Glenn Withers: Pilates for Scoliosis - Dawn Buoy: Taping for Pilates

UK Pilates Conference 2014 - Glenn Withers: Healthy HIT Pilates - Michael King: Flow Evolved Choreography - Glenn Withers: Therapeutic Pilates for Lower Back Pain - Brent Anderson: Polestar Pilates - Joanne Cobb: Pilates in a bag - Liz Chandler: The art of touch

APPI on tour Oxford Conference 2015 - Elisa Withers: Pilates Flow - Sarah Chambers: Standing Pilates - Gordon Thompson: Reformer on the mat