Pilates has long been known as a complimentary technique in rehabilitation, and is increasingly being deployed by professional sports people. What is less well known, is the success rate and relief that it can bring to people recovering from various illnesses.


Many of the clients I see are carrying some form of injury, either historic or recent, and have either decided enough is enough, or have been referred by another health professional. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should consider Pilates as a way to help you rehabilitate.

Injuries to: Neck & back, shoulder, ankle, knee; hip including bursitis; tendonitis; knee/hip replacements; sciatica; scoliosis; repetitive stress injuries; lower back pain.


The road to recovery after an illness or operation can be difficult as can any physical movement with some diagnosed medical conditions. Pilates is a viable and proven option for rehabilitation. Working with you on your own, I will ensure you are completely at ease and fully assessed before we start any treatment.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, Pilates could offer you relief, improved movement and increased confidence.

Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson's; fibromyalgia; pre & post natal; post cancer surgery.