Sports Performance

Sport is about more than just performing on the day, it's about the build up and preparation that allows you to perform to your best. You need a solid and stable foundation on which to build your performance, both mentally and physically and Pilates has been proven to help in both respects. Not all sports are the same and Your Real Body Pilates will help you focus on your critical points including core, posture, flexibility, strength, range of motion to name but a few.

Performance training

Many professional athletes from football and athletics to golf and cycling now use Pilates as a regular part of their training and conditioning routine.

When you first come to Your Real Body, I will discuss your history and performance expectations and goals so that together we will plan a personlaised programme that will help you improve your overall performance and power output. In addition, you should see a reduction in the frequency and severity of injuries and an increase in your body controls.


For any cyclist improving efficiency is key – the more power they can produce with less effort, the faster they can travel for longer. Riders who move efficiently will have their legs turning the pedals smoothly whilst their head, and body remain still and secure, in doing so they are wasting less energy to propel the bike.

Pilates targets the core muscles that help stabilise the rider on the bike, keeping the spine in a stable position whilst the limbs move. So by improving their core strength, cyclists can increase their power output. It also encourages improved limb alignment when moving. Making the movement more stable improves the movement pattern in the leg, stopping the knees and feet from turning or twisting during the pedal stroke. This delivers significant benefits in both force production and efficiency and also helps protect against potential knee or ankle injuries.

Another advantage of using Pilates for resistance training is that it will improve muscle strength without increasing bulk, allowing cyclists to improve their power to weight ratio (watts/Kg).

Last but not least Pilates is known for its ability to improve flexibility and posture, so it’s a great way to redress some of the postural and muscular tightness and imbalances.

Horse Riding

Are you spending a lot of time and effort in trying to become a better horse rider but you just aren’t seeing any improvement? This can be extremely frustrating for you to not be seeing the results you want. You could be spending a lot of money on horse riding lessons from coaches, but if you don’t have this one special ingredient, then there is something else holding you back.

Core strength is the single biggest ingredient that most dressage riders lack, and if you want to progress to the next level in your riding, then you need to pay as much attention to your own physical core strength & fitness as you do your horses. Often it is the rider who is holding the horse back from improving through the grades, not the other way around.

The better you are locked into your saddle and can move with the horse, the freer your horse will become. Your horse will relax through the back allowing it to have a much better stride. The more correct freedom and suppleness you create in your hips and spine the more you are able to absorb the movement of the horse and the two of you can move together in harmony.

As soon as you create the strength, fitness and stability in your own body, the sooner you can do the same for your horse.


We were born to run and running is one of the most popular sports in the world. But a very large number of runners are injured each year practicing the very activity our bodies are designed for. Isn’t that strange? Decades of technological advances in sports equipment has not reduced the incidence of running injuries. So what is the solution?

Many people decide to start running to get in shape, but the reality is that you need to be in good shape before you can start to run correctly. There is a learning process where conditioning and adaptation are required. There are an increasing number of stress injuries caused by improper form and unhealthy habits developed through faulty running mechanics.

We assess and enhance running performance so that you may enjoy running for longer with less risk of injury. Running is a skill and you need to know the rules. Knowledge of these rules will allow you to master your own skills as a runner and, after a gradual process of learning and adaptation, will radically transform the way you run. Learn the fundamental characteristics of safe and efficient techniques and avoid the most common running injuries. Reconnect with your true nature and feel free while running with good technique. Get ready to run faster, further and for the rest of your life.

All Sports

All sports have their own unique physical demands and the key to performance improvement, is understanding the impact this has on your body. Strength, flexibility, posture, alignment, suppleness and technique are all key ingredients, so if you play any sport and want to improve in any way, be it speed, longevity or power, a tailored Pilates programme is the best way to try and achieve your goals.